Waiting For Agnes - Florida's mysterious Coral Castle.

Before Ed was born, his mother visited a psychic named Madame Drusa. Under hyp­nosis, Madame Drusa gave a reading for the unborn child: "A son will be born prematurely; a restless spirit, he couldn't wait to get into the world, he'll never be able to wait for any­thing. This body is strange to other bodies in it's ideas. "He is one of the first spirits to re-enter from Atlantis. He shall astound the world, bringing back an ancient lost science once known in Atlantis. The past is revealed to him in dreams and visions." Growing up, Ed is influenced by his Grandfather Nick, a sailor. Nick visits the Mayan pyramids, and there, he sees some strange carvings of UFO's and alien faces. In the Bible, at Genesis 6, Nick reads: "Now a population explosion took place on the earth. It was at this time that beings from the spirit world looked upon the beautiful earth women and took any they desired to be their wives." The Mayans told Nick the pyramid draw­ings explained that thousands of years ago "men from the sky" beings, came down and gave them the secrets of pyramid building. Nick explained to Ed that a race of alien be­ings existing on the earth in the time of Atlantis, are the result of the spirit beings in Genesis 6, who mated with the earthly women. As Madame Drusa predicted, Ed seeks an answer to his problem through dreams and visions of his past Atlantic life. Ed came to the shores of Florida with a dream in his heart to create the greatest stone monument in his­tory. Ed read every book he could get his hands on about the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and the pyramids of Central and South America. Working from midnight to sunrise, so no one could see him, with his small, stubby fingers, Ed cut and raised stones greater than those of Stonehenge. The largest stone Ed moved weighs around 30 tons.
"Away from Coral Castle," Leola Will­iams said, "Ed was always riding a bicycle. When I was in school, we used to go to Coral Castle for picnics. Ed would explain to us why he built Coral Castle."
"I was his shoemaker," David Friedrick said. "I always thought it was grand that one little lightweight man could undertake and do what he did."L.O.Clarringer said, "Ed was a genius and a wonderful person to know."
In 1987, rock star Billy Idol visited Coral Castle. It inspired him to compose the song and music video "Sweet Sixteen" in reference to Agnes, Ed's sixteen year old fiance.
After many years of research. I modeled "Waiting For Agnes" after a form of the ac­tual events that took place in Ed's life. I did the best I could with the material I had. but Ed took the original blueprint of his life with him to the grave. I once read, in a book about writ­ing, a piece of advice I'd like to pass on: "When writing, write to please yourself, then, at least one person will like it."
That's what I did here, keeping in mind how Ed thought and talked, and what he liked, because it's his story, not mine. 
-Joe Bullard-
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